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Playing an Instrument with Braces

The process needed to achieve your ideal smile comes with some adjustments you will need to make. It may seem somewhat tedious to keep up with properly caring for your braces and altering your lifestyle around them, but the end result will be more than worth it! In fact, you’ll find you get used to a lot of the adjustments fairly quickly, making life with braces a breeze. One thing you’ll need to prepare for is playing a musical instrument with braces, particularly if you play a wind instrument.

Playing an Instrument with Braces

If your kids are involved in any sort of band where they play a wind instrument, you will need to take this into consideration when having them start an orthodontic treatment. Since playing wind instruments involves creating pressure around the mouth, having a set of metal or ceramic braces will interfere with the process. However, even though braces may get a little bit in the way of playing a wind instrument, it doesn’t mean playing will be impossible. What it does mean is there will be an adjustment period of a few weeks after getting braces installed during which your teenager will likely struggle to play their instrument. After some time, which will vary depending on the instrument they play, they will figure out how to play their instrument without any problems.

Because playing an instrument with braces takes some time to get used to, it’s a good idea to get braces installed during the summer before they will have any type of pressure to perform in a school concert or recital. While they practice during the summer, they can make the adjustments they need in order to be ready to perform on time.

How Different Instruments Are Affected by Braces

Not all wind instruments will be affected by braces the same way, so your teenager may need more or less time to adjust to playing their instrument depending on what they play. Many people who play instruments like the saxophone or clarinet find they have a relatively easy time adjusting to their instrument with braces. This is because the mouthpiece for these instruments doesn’t make as direct contact with the teeth as others.

Conversely, brass instruments like the trumpet and French horn are often the hardest instruments to adjust to with braces because the pressure between the lips and teeth is the greatest with these instruments.

Best Orthodontic Treatment Types for Playing Instruments

If your kids qualify for Invisalign Teen, this option will be the easiest when it comes to playing an instrument. Many people find they don’t even need to remove the aligners while playing. But if your teenager does keep them out while performing or practicing, make sure they have them in for a total of at least 22 hours a day.

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