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Getting Braces with Implants, Crowns, or Veneers

If you’re looking into orthodontic treatment and you have implants, crowns or veneers, you will need to evaluate your options. After all, you’ve invested time and money into your smile already and you don’t want to risk damaging your teeth with your orthodontic treatment. You may also be considering making some of these cosmetic changes to your teeth and are wondering if you should tackle braces first. No matter what your situation is, timing and planning can help you achieve the best results possible. Here are some things to consider when getting braces with implants, crowns or veneers.

Braces and Implants

Dental implants are recommended for those who have lost teeth due to decay or injury. They are constructed out of a durable titanium post, which is inserted into the jaw with a prosthetic crown attached, which serves as the tooth. It is typically recommended to have braces fitted prior to putting the implant in place, since the implant cannot move like a regular tooth. Dental implants do not contain ligaments, which means they can’t be moved once in place; however, a dental implant may be placed before braces if it and the surrounding teeth won’t be affected by orthodontic treatment.

Patients who have implants in the region being treated by braces may elect to:

  • Remove the implant
  • Receive treatment
  • Replace the implant once treatment is finished

You do have options when you have dental implants; however, your treatment plan will need to be designed with your implants in mind.

Braces and Crowns

Crowns are used when patients have a cracked tooth, have undergone a root canal, or for those wanting to cover a discolored or misshapen tooth. It is easier to straighten teeth with crowns, as opposed to implants, because the teeth still contain their ligaments, thus making them easier to move with braces. Getting braces with crowns may require the use of a specialized adhesive, so the crowns are not damaged when brackets are placed on the teeth.

Braces and Veneers

Veneers are thin porcelain or resin coverings applied to the front of the teeth to improve overall appearance. Orthodontists recommend undergoing orthodontic treatment before veneers are in place so you don’t damage the veneers; however, if that isn’t an option for you, there are other ways to correct your smile. Invisalign is recommended for a lot of patients with veneers, since it is a removable option that isn’t permanently attached to the teeth. This allows for the patient to correct their smile, without risking damage to their veneers.

Your Orthodontic Treatment Options

When you have dental implants, crowns or veneers, you can rest easy knowing you still have options when it comes to achieving a beautiful smile. Do a little research and find an orthodontist who is experienced in treating patients like you, so you can find the right solution. Together, you and your orthodontist will construct the treatment plan that will not only work with your implants, crowns or veneers, but will help you get the perfect smile you can enjoy for life.

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